Photography: Product, Creative, and Fine Art Photography.  Product & model styling, digital image editing and photo enhancement. Web Design: Creative design, concepting, graphic creation, digital image editing, and website programming. Logo Design: Company branding and color consulting.  Logo design, company business name and slogan concepting. Copy Writing: Product marketing copy, website copy, branding copy, slogans, product naming.  Creative Writing: short stories, poetry, articles, journalism. Fine Art: Painting, Sculpture, and Photography.
Wedding Invitations & web Design Bank Of America ELT Program: Logo Design & Program Introduction Graphics Texas Little Black Book: Logo Design & Web Design Molecufit: Branding, Company Logo, Slogan, Copy Writing, Web Design Trader Vics: Graphic Editing, Web Design Branding, Company Logo, and Business Name Concepts Outside Designworks: Photography, Styling, Digital Asset Editing, Website Design, Copy Editing Gap Inc. Bright Ideas Reward Program Logo Design My Mini Monster: Children's Book Writing, Character Design, Painting, Logo & Web Design My Llyons: Logo Design Nomad Art: Business Concepting & Logo Design UC Berkeley: Blue & Gold Yearbook Photography, Graphic Design and Digital Editing, & Web Design Black Swan Desserts: Branding, Photography, Logo Design, Copy Writing, Web Design Creative Concepting, Photoshop Digital Image Editing, Mockups